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What is the #STAYATHOMEDAD movement?

We all know how a father who has the oppurtunity to spend their days at home with their children is referred to as a “Stay at Home Dad”.  We recognize that under the extraordinary circumstances that have arisen that reference now applies to ALL dads.

The Stay at home dad movement is inspired by the incredible actions that parents around the world have been taking to educate and care for the children that have been forced to stay home during this season of self quarantine.

We want to provide a space to celebrate these amazing parents to voice their frustrations, their joys, their triumphs and their struggles of home schooling and entertaining the children they love during the stay at home orders world wide.

We would love to hear your stories as you courageously brave the challenge of homeschooling and entertaining your children during this self quarantine. We know you have cried tears of joy and frustration. We know you have hide in your car from your kids on occasion. We know that you have bonded with your children at depths you didn’t think imaginable due to this pandemic.

We want to hear what you’ve been going through.

Each story will make you eligible to enter our prize giveaways starting June 21st for fathers day.

If you have a #STAYATHOMEDAD story, photo or video you would like us to see and share please submit them to our instagram page, FOLLOW and tag #hiphopdiaperbag or add them to our chat forum HERE!

We look forward to hearing about what has inspired you, what epiphanies you’ve come to and how this period has changed the way you look at yourself, your children and parenthood in general.


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