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Urban Ashe' Tarot
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1st Generation Major Arcana 

Urban Ashe' Tarot symbolizes archetypes in nature, hiphop culture and consciousness. 

Secure your deck with your preorder and receive a discount on the following minor arcana and HipHop Oracle decks to come!


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Urban Axshe' Tarot Deck Now!

$35 limited time ( $45 after preorder )
*Packaging may vary from images
ONLY 500 decks will be made*


Major Arcana
Sample Cards below


Secure your deck with your preorder and receive a discount on the following minor arcana and HipHop Oracle decks to come!


What is Tarot?
What is The Major Arcana?
What is HipHop?


The Major Arcana are the 22 main archetypes of the tarot.

Tarot is a series of cards often used as a system of divination.

Divination is a concept that allows us to capture the moment

with the intention of gleaning inspiration from the symbols that come forth. 

Tarot is one of the many ancient tools that utilizes

archetypes, symbols of power and energies found within nature and consciousness.

This tool, when used with intention and knowledge, can offer insight into 

the moment you may be aligning with.  

I believe that hiphop has it's own forms of divination.


Hiphop is a Culture born from urban angst. The expression of that energy and its genius.

It is comparable to shamanism in its tools for self initiation

and achieving trance states.  Through dance, graffiti,

Free styling rapping and Dj ing an individual can experience the moment in a

profound way. These flow states are scientifically documented 

ways of interacting with and re programming the subconscious mind. 

The intention of this unique themed deck is to combine both of

these powerful tools into one, if even for a moment. HipHop

Tarot cards symbolize archetypes in nature, hiphop and consciousness. 

Explore yourself, explore the moment, explore the spirit of hiphop.

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