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If you are a social media influencer with children or a proud father or mother who loves Hip Hop culture heres how you get a free HipHop Diaper Bag AKA HipHopDadBag!

TO GET A BAG!: email me at the address below with subject “FREE HIPHOP Diaper Bag” and tell me alittle about your family and why you love hiphop. (special consideration will be given to social media influencers and Parents with small children, or parents having a baby shower. )

When approved you will be given a link to purchase the bag on Amazon. After an honest review of the product you will be reimbursed via Paypal or exchange of your choice. It is really that simple.

REQUIREMENTS before reimbursement:

  • 2 Social Media Posts linking to the website or Amazon page.
  • 1 post to offer a bag to a follower. (Yes I will also give you a bag to give away!)
  • 2nd post after you receive the bag. (candid with the kids, changing a diaper, on dads shoulder etc..)


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